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ZJ Mellow


DJ Profile: ZJ Mellow

Live on | Saturdays and Sundays | 10 PM East African Time

About ZJ Mellow:

DJ ZJ Mellow, the pulsating force behind the turntables, hails from the vibrant music scene of Kenya. With an unwavering passion for Dancehall and Reggae, ZJ Mellow has carved a niche for himself as a dynamic DJ who knows how to set the weekend on fire. Join him every Saturday and Sunday at 10 PM East African Time on for a musical journey that will redefine your weekends.

Musical Style:
– Dancehall Dynamo: ZJ Mellow’s sets are a fusion of high-energy Dancehall beats and soothing Reggae vibes.
– Genre Maestro:From the latest hits to classic anthems, he seamlessly blends tracks to create an unforgettable sonic experience.

– Extensive DJing background in Kenyan and international music scenes.
– Known for hosting electrifying events and concerts.

Signature Move:
– Energetic Transitions: ZJ Mellow crafts seamless transitions that keep the energy flowing, ensuring an uninterrupted dance floor experience.

Your Weekends Will Never Be the Same Again:
– Tune in to every Saturday and Sunday to catch ZJ Mellow’s electrifying sessions.
– Let the rhythm of Dancehall and Reggae redefine your weekend vibe.

Connect with ZJ Mellow:
– Stay in the loop with ZJ Mellow’s latest playlists, event updates, and behind-the-scenes on social media.
– Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for a direct line to the DJ’s world.

Experience the Vibes:
– Get ready for a musical journey that transcends boundaries and elevates your weekend experience. ZJ Mellow on the decks – your weekends will never be the same again!

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