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About DJ RAHA (RahaLetaSounds):

DJ RAHA, also known as RahaLetaSounds, is a vibrant musical force born and raised in the heart of Kenya. Now based in the cultural hub of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, DJ RAHA is not just a disc jockey; he’s a fervent believer in the power of music to connect hearts and souls. With a strong foundation in gospel reggae, worship, praise, and all gospel genres, DJ RAHA brings a divine touch to the airwaves and events alike.

Musical Philosophy:
– A firm believer in God, DJ RAHA sees music as a medium to spread positivity, joy, and spiritual elevation.
– Specializes in gospel reggae, worship, praise, and diverse gospel music genres.

On-Air Presence:
– Catch DJ RAHA midnite mornings every Wednesday to Friday, bringing a spiritual awakening to your day.
– A soulful mix of gospel reggae and uplifting tunes that resonate with the spirit.

Event DJ Services:
– Beyond the airwaves, DJ RAHA is available to spin divine tunes at weddings, parties, and private events, adding a sacred touch to every celebration.

– Deep-rooted experience in curating soul-stirring playlists.
– Known for creating an atmosphere of joy and reverence through music.

A Touch of Kenya in Boston:
– DJ RAHA brings the vibrant energy of Kenya to the diverse musical landscape of Boston, creating a unique fusion of cultures through his beats.

Connect with DJ RAHA:
– Follow DJ RAHA on social media for updates on playlists, events, and behind-the-scenes moments.
– Instagram: [@RahaLetaSounds](https://www.instagram.com/RahaLetaSounds)
– Twitter: [@RahaLetaSounds](https://www.twitter.com/RahaLetaSounds)
– Facebook: [/DJRAHA](https://www.facebook.com/DJRAHA)

– Elevate your event with the divine sounds of DJ RAHA. Contact for bookings at rahaletasounds@gmail.com.

Tune In and Let Your Spirit Soar:
– Join DJ RAHA midnite mornings on Wednesday to Friday for a spiritual journey through music.
– Experience the fusion of faith and beats, connecting hearts across the airwaves.

Feel the divine vibes with DJ RAHA and let your spirit soar with every beat.

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