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DanceHall Vibes

Ignite the Dancefloor

Welcome to Dancehall Vibes, where the rhythm of the Caribbean beats to the pulse of every dancer's heart. This vibrant show is your ultimate destination for all things dancehall, a fusion of infectious rhythms, electrifying moves, and cultural resonance that transcends borders. Join us as we dive into the pulsating world of dancehall music, from its roots in Jamaica to its global influence today. Every episode of Dancehall Vibes promises […]


Hip-Hop & RnB Fusion

Urban Melodies, Smooth Grooves

Get ready to groove to the ultimate blend of rhythm and rhyme on Hip-Hop & RnB Fusion! This electrifying show brings you the best of both worlds, merging the raw energy of hip-hop with the soulful melodies of RnB. Hosted by a dynamic duo of music aficionados, each episode dives deep into the latest hits, classic anthems, and hidden gems that define these genres. Tune in for exclusive interviews with […]


Reggae Rhythms with DJ IZEE

Feel the Reggae Pulse

 Reggae Rhythms with DJ IZEE Step into the vibrant world of reggae with "Reggae Rhythms with DJ IZEE." Join DJ IZEE as he takes you on a musical journey through the heart and soul of reggae music. From the deep, soulful grooves of roots reggae to the high-energy beats of dancehall, each episode is a celebration of the genre's rich heritage and dynamic evolution. Show Highlights: Featured Artist of the […]


Meet DJ IZEE, a versatile entertainer hailing from the vibrant town of Maypen in Clarendon, Jamaica. At 43 years old, born in December 1981, DJ IZEE brings a wealth of experience and a deep connection to music and life. He is not only a talented DJ but also an accomplished artist, songwriter, and a proud Rastafarian.

Musical Palette

DJ IZEE specializes in a diverse range of genres including Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-hop, RnB, and a touch of Afro Beat. As a curator of good vibes, he firmly believes in the power of music to uplift spirits and spread positive energy.

Personal Journey

Beyond the beats, DJ IZEE’s life journey is rooted in a simple yet profound philosophy: to do the best he can to help people. As a Rastafarian at heart, he is dedicated to spreading positive energy through his music, aiming to put people in a happy place through the universal language of good music.

On-Air Schedule

Catch DJ IZEE live on air every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as he weaves a musical tapestry that transcends genres. His playlists reflect his love for Happy Music and the genuine joy it brings to people.

Life Outside Music

Off the stage, DJ IZEE enjoys playing soccer, staying active, and enriching his mind by indulging in educational content.

The Essence Of DJ IZEE

A man of simplicity, DJ IZEE’s mission is to spread happiness and positive vibrations through his music. His deep connection to his roots and his community shines through in every performance.


Elevate your event with the vibrant sounds of DJ IZEE. Contact him for bookings at

Tune In And Feel The Vibes

Join DJ IZEE on air as he takes you on a musical journey, spreading happiness and positive vibrations.

Connect With DJ IZEE

Stay updated on DJ IZEE’s journey, playlists, events, and personal insights by following him on social media:

– Instagram: [dj_izee1](
– Facebook: [Kevron Izan Griffiths (Dj izee)](

Feel the vibes and let DJ IZEE bring the joy of music into your life!

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