Maestro Of Melodies

DJ Lloydie


LLOYDIE: The Multi-Talented Jamaican DJ/Selector and Karaoke Boss

About LLOYDIE: The Maestro of Melodies

Meet LLOYDIE, the dynamic and multi-talented DJ straight from the heart of Jamaica. With a sweet voice that can serenade any crowd, he’s not just your ordinary DJ – he’s the Karaoke Boss and a true maestro of melodies.

Jovial Character and Sweet Serenades

LLOYDIE is more than a DJ; he’s a lively and jovial character known for spreading positive vibes wherever he goes. His infectious energy and charisma create an unforgettable atmosphere at every event.

Karaoke Boss

If you thought DJs only played music, think again. LLOYDIE is the Karaoke Boss, ready to unleash his vocal prowess on any stage. Sing along with him and witness a performance that goes beyond just spinning tracks.

Genre Mastery: Retro and Oldies Specialist

While he may specialize in retro and oldies, LLOYDIE is a versatile maestro who can seamlessly transition between genres. From reggae rhythms to contemporary hits, he knows how to curate a playlist that suits any occasion.

Early Beginnings

LLOYDIE’s musical journey started at the age of 18, playing tunes that ignited parties and graced big sound systems. His passion for music and entertaining the crowd has only grown stronger with time.

Catch LLOYDIE in Action

Experience the magic of LLOYDIE live in action, bringing the dancefloor to life and turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. As one of the pillars and foundations of the New Vibes Radio team, he is always available for a quick chat and ready to share his wisdom with anyone interested in the industry.

Connect with LLOYDIE

– Email for bookings and inquiries:

Discover the joy of music with LLOYDIE, the maestro who turns every event into an unforgettable experience.

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